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Bakken Energy Service Team Buildiing the Bakken and Beyond

Bakken Energy Service Team Buildiing the Bakken and Beyond

With 2012 just days away I want to challange us all to increase our business partner network. As BESTeam members are already finding, there is certainly power in numbers. Below are two articles I have copied, they have stated the benefits so very well.

Generation of referrals /Increased business:Fact – 70% on average of all new business is gained through word of mouth and positive recommendation. As you develop your contacts and build up positive relationships with people you will find that you will naturally gain business and sales leads as people recommend your services. People like to pass business to those they know, like and trust. But this will only happen if you have a network of contacts in the first place.

Raising your profile: Just by expanding your contacts you are raising your profile – people now you exist and know what you do and you will more likely to be thought of if your products or services are required.

Free consultancy and advice: Generally, people like to help people and are willing to impart their expertise and advice to others who they have got to know, like and trust. You will find that as you build relationships with people the value of the help that is passed to you formally or informally will exceed any costs incurred by developing the relationships in the first place.

Knowing who to turn to when you need help: The benefits of business networking are not just about generating sales leads and referrals. How much time have you wasted in the past trying to find the right person or business to solve a problem for you? Have you resorted to looking in the local telephone book for a service or plucked a name off the internet only to be disappointed with the product or service provided? By getting to know reliable contacts who can provide you with what you want or who can be trusted to recommend others is worth so much in terms of your time and money.

Break down barriers to success:As you develop your contacts you start to find people who have experienced similar problems to yourself and who can point you in the right direction. All of a sudden so much more is possible and you will find yourself achieving so much more than you will have imagined.

Uncover new opportunities: You just ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. The same goes for business networking – you never know when a contact will be useful and will present you with new opportunities. If we restrict ourselves to our own narrow network of contacts we become comfortable and limit our ideas. As soon as we get to know others and become open minded to their ideas we suddenly open ourselves up to new possibilities, perhaps a new approach to doing something or even a new business venture which we may never otherwise have thought of.

Contact with like-minded individuals and development of friendships: One basic human need is to feel connected with like-minded individuals. By extending your contacts and getting to know them you’ll soon develop a network of people you will want to spend time with, share ideas with and learn from. One of the key benefits of business networking is that I’ve personally gained a number of really good friends I can now turn to even though initially the purpose was for business.

Increased confidence: The more you network the more you get used to explaining what you do and how you can help others. Clear communication of how you can help is crucial to winning business and this will only improve the more you do.

Satisfaction from helping others : Last but by no means least, one of the biggest advantages of networking in business is the increased capacity to help others. Have you ever thought just how good it feels when you have helped someone whether it is by saving them time and effort by providing them with a useful contact, passing someone a referral or directly giving someone a piece of useful advice? The benefits of business networking just keep on coming!

Personal Networking is something that really has unlimited advantages.  The expansion of  your relationship base can only serve to help you in the long run.  Whether the  goal is personal improvement or business expansion, continual and consistent  networking will  benefit you.


  • While there are a great many benefits with networking, one of the most  beneficial is creating awareness.  If your goal is to expand your business and  gain market,  awareness is an absolute necessity.  You must be top of mind to be in the  discussion process for prospective clients.  If you aren’t in the the equation,  you cannot be selected.
    Awareness also serves as a benefit when you are  looking for a job, needing help with a project, or simply desire to expand your  circle of influence.  In an economic environment that has a high level of  unemployment, there are going to be more people vying for the same jobs.   Networking and creating awareness for yourself, will allow you to have more  chances to gain employment.

Income Generation

  • Proper and timely networking will lead to an increased opportunity for income  generation.  Income generation can mean selling more products or services or  simply obtaining a new job.  This Income is created through speaking to and  meeting new people that have a desire to gain something from what you offer.   This can only occur through putting yourself out there and meeting new  people.

New Ideas

  • This is something of tremendous benefit that is one of the more commonly left  out networking benefits.  The ability to gain new knowledge from another person  is huge.  New ideas can reveal benefits of your existing product or service that  you didn’t think of.  It can be a different perspective on the current marketing  angle you are using, or it be a whole new position about what you are doing.
    The ability to gain a new perspective is crucial.  Networking provides the  opportunity to test market your ideas to people.  A third party  can  be a great benefit as they have nothing personally invested in you.  At times,  people can be too close to a situation, and they can get blinded by their own  “good” ideas.  Allow yourself the opportunity to increase your success odds by  speaking to others.


  • When you take the step of advancing your current circle of influence, you  vastly increase your chances of having new opportunities offered to you.   Opportunities can be for business, pleasure, personal growth, career  advancement, or simply just knowledge.  One of the worlds greatest business  minds, Dale Carnegie, once said, “Smart business people understand the value of  networking. Put simply, expanding your contacts improves your chances to build  good relationships, discover leads and generate increased  sales.”

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BESTeam Conference Call a great success

It never ceases to amaze me what real TEAM WORK can accomplish. On Tuesday we held our first, of many to come , BESTeam Conference Call.  It was an opportunity for many of the BESTeam members to introduce themselves, their companies and simply share in like
goals. The power of a TEAM is a strength that individual players simply cannot reach.  When  I was working towards my MBA in international business one of the professors put a mathematical equation  on the screen and it was a true or false answer.

Here was the equation:    A+B+C=X  is equal to A+B+C+D-D=X
In mathematical terms the answer is true  1+2=3  is equal to  1+2+4-4=3 . But, in business terms where people, companies, ideas, thoughts, or  positive energy someone brings by simply walking into a room can never be discounted. Now let’s swap   companies for numbers on a telephone conference call +  + =SUCCESS.

But now let’s add  to the equation.  Cindy Todavich calls in but after a few minutes needs to drop off the call. What Cindy brought to the group can never
be taken away even if she is not  present at the moment. +  +
+ = Even Greater  SUCCESS.

Imagine what we accomplish when we also add + +  +  and others who will be part  of the TEAM!

Thank you Professor for your wisdom,  and thank you Bakken Energy Service   Members for making the conference call a great success. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, 2012 is going to be a great year and I know we do have the BESTeam in the oil and gas industry!

BTL Liners and Gateway Building Systems join Bakken Energy Service Team

Gateway Building Systems and BTL Liners join Baken Energy Service Team

What a great couple of weeks for the Bakken Energy Service

Last week BES was honored to welcome new Team Member Gateway
Building Systems. Gateway Building Systems has gained a hard earned reputation
as a Design/Build contractor that holds experience, quality, reliability, and
safety above all other considerations. When you select Gateway, you’re getting
more than a contractor. You are getting a full service Design/Build general
contractor that will create a building solution to meet your needs. I want to
thank Marius Rygg, President Building Division for his kind commitment to
Building the Bakken!

This week we are excited to announce our newest BESTeam Member BTL Liners.

For over 30 years BTL™ has continually strived to provide containment solutions
protecting the most valuable natural resources of the world, by designing,
fabricating, and constructing the most durable and dependable, custom
containment systems on the planet! Guaranteed. BTL™ Liners are excited in their
continued work of Building the Bakken.
.  Mike, Jan, and Brad welcome to the
TEAM! We are honored to be a part of your growing Bakken Family.


Coating Specialties’ Chad Toftness “A positive force”

Coating Specialties’ Chad Toftness “A positive force”

When we first met Chad Toftness from Coating Specialties LLC
we had no idea of the positive influence he would bring to the BESTeam. Chad
works beside his father Dennis in the field who founded Coating Specialties and
is the Bakken Energy Services’ biggest advocate. With people like Chad on the
team, the success of Bakken Energy Service is greatly increased.

Chad Toftness of Coating Specialites sees the possibilities  in every project and every person he meets.

Coating Specializes is in the process of  creating a new website so stay tuned.


Chevron in the swing of things:Dean’s Bulk Service

As we watched the Tiger Woods and Zach Johnson going toe to toe in the Chevron World Challenge Golf Tournament  in Thousand Oaks California, two thoughtscrossed my mind. First, how many products used in golf are petroleum based and
how much more fuel I am using keeping my home warm in Minnesota than my good
friend Lane is in Thousand Oaks.

If you love Golf, than you should love crude oil; from head to toe Tiger and Zach were proudly displaying their petroleum based products they were either using, wearing, or being broadcasted by.  The golf ball they were hitting were all products of made mainly from petroleum products. From the outside skin of the dimpled ball to its hard inner core, plastics (petroleum based) are used. But, it does not stop there.

The Nike Golf soles and cushions of Tiger’s shoes to the Velcro he had on his golf glove, petroleum was involved. The club grips, golf bag liners, plastic tee box markers, plastic lining of the holes, the flag pole in the holes, the flag on the poles, the leader board, the ropes keeping back the fans, the golf club covers, the covers of the golf cars, the buttons on their shirts, the sunglasses on Zach’s head, the microphones used by the announcers, the TV I was watching it on, and the pen I used when taking these notes.

You see, if you love golf, you must also love petroleum products. And if you live in a cold weather climate, you probably love them even more. Remember all the products that are made from petroleum products; I like wind and solar but I have yet made a golf grip from wind or sunlight.

I almost forgot, even the plastic lining each ponds are produced from petroleum. They may have even been  supplied by a future Bakken Energy Service Team member.

Fracking Ban Rumor spreads fast

I was sitting in a booth at Sanford’s Grub & Pub in Dickinson North Dakota for a luncheon meeting with a potential Bakken Energy Service Team member when I was asked if I thought it was true that there was going to be a ban on fracking coming January 1st, 2012. I stated I did not know but found it very unlikely even with the current administration’s less than friendly stance with the oil and gas industry. I went on to state why I feel it would be economical and poitical suicide for the Obama Administration and or Congress:

1) If a ban was put in place it would give the oil companies the opportunity to prove the safety of fracking to a court, possibly the Supreme Court, once and for all taking away the scare tactics being used by the anti-fossil fuel groups to fool an uneducated public.

2) A ban on fracking would take a large amount of domestic production out of the oil supply and would have an immediate effect on the upward pricing of a barrel of domestic crude.  It would pilfer much money out of the pockets of working Americans and more money into nations who openly sponsor terrorist aimed at killing Americans.

3) Finally, I would not want to face the 10’s of thousands of United States workers who would lose their jobs relating to the fracking industry which affects areas most have no idea are vital to the energy industry such as items as basic as cattle grates, culverts, road materials, casing, tubing, plastic lining, welders, electricians, carpenters, concrete suppliers, wood products, cooks, cleaners, hotels, bakery’s, food suppliers, mechanics, Laundromats, convenience stores,  clothing retailers, pilots, car rentals, tool manufacturers…. the list goes on and on. In a time where the shining star of productivity and job growth is the energy sector, i.e. fossil fuels, to kill these jobs as well as those supporting the oil and gas industry putting  the national security of the United States at risk would be pure stupidity and an attack on our nations sovereignty.

I then took a deep breath, took a sip of my diet Pepsi, and noticing my passion for American workers was at a fever pitch.  I then stated to those sitting across from me,  “Well, that’s my opinion.” 

The following day I read in the Bismarck Tribune the fracking ban was just a rumor. I smiled, took a sip of my morning coffee, and took reverence  in knowing that there still are solid political figures that are willing to put the United States  first.