Advanced Pump & Equipment – Williston Basin Wastewater Systems, Fiberglass Tanks, Motors, Filters, Pump Stations- Joins Bakken Energy Service Team

Advanced Pump & Equipment with locations in Bozeman , Montana and Dore  North Dakota supplies the Williston Basin with Wastewater, Fiberglass Tanks, Motors, Filters, Pump Stations and more  Joins Bakken Energy Service Team . Matt Huggins spoke with BESTeam Member Jerry Swanson of Royal Enterprises America at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference www.wbpc.comand decided working together. It  is  a benefit to all Bakken Energy Service Team Members in the Oil and Gas Industry and especially in the BESTeam Commercial Construction and Building  Division.

bakken Energy Service Welcomes Advanced Pump & Equipment
Bakken Energy Service Welcomes Advanced Pump & Equipment

Advanced Pump & Equipment supports :

Waste Water Systems using  AdvanTex Systems. The most robust advanced wastewater treatment systems available. Manufactured by Orenco.   On-Site Waste Water Distribution Systems .

Municipal - booster stations-storage tanks, valve vaults and more.

Fiberglass Tanks and Liquid underground storage tanks for portable and wastewater applications,

Fire Protection Systems -Fire fill station configurations & specs, Aurora fire pump systems   underground water storage, American AVK hydrants & valves, etc. ,

Community Systems – Effluent Sewer – From on-lot interceptor tanks, only filtered liquid is discharged through small-diameter, shallow collection lines to common downstream treatment, whether that is a neighborhood system or a municipal plant miles away.

Control and Electronic Systems : Orenco designs and manufactures control and monitoring panels for customers all over the world.  Orenco panels are used in water, wastewater, and industrial process applications.

The AdvanTex  Textile sheets in AdvanTex filter pods produce clear, high quality effluent. Modular construction allows for phased installation of total treatment capacity. The simple, yet highly reliable packed bed filter has demonstrated success in treating a variety of waste streams as well as highly variable flows. This is the foundation of the MBI Industrial Park  outside of Watford City, ND

Bakken Energy Service Advanced Pump Equipment Watford city

Advanced Pump Equipment system instaled in Watford City, ND

Tanks : Advanced Pump & Equipment provides for a wide variety of Xerxes water/wastewater storage applications to include fire-protection water storage, potable water storage, storm water storage and collection, septic system tanks, and many more.

Advanced Pump & Equipment, Inc_Bakken Energy Service Fiberglass Tanks

Advanced Pump & Equipment, supplies Xerxes fiberglass tanks

Pumps: Hydromatic pump represents provided by Advanced Pump & Equipment is one of the most diversified lines of submersible sump, sewage, effluent, grinder pumps, solids handling pumps and self primers for the municipal, industrial, commercial, residential domestic and international markets. Ideal for the Bakken and Williston Basin because of its industrial engineering and cold weather testing.

The  Bakken Energy Service Team  welcomes Advanced Pump & Equipment as the newest BESTeam  Member. Advanced Pump &  locations in Bozeman , Montana and Dore  North Dakota supplies the Williston Basin with Wastewater, Fiberglass Tanks, Motors, Filters, Pump Stations and more  Joins .  It  is  a benefit to all Bakken Energy Service Team Members in the Oil and Gas Industry and especially in the BESTeam Commercial Construction and Building  Division.

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