As President Obama vetos Keystone XL pipeline, Four Bears Pipeline flows strong

Bakken Energy Service supports Four Bears Pipeline in North Dakota and Beyond

Four Bears Pipleline

Four Bears Pipeline created hundreds of Jobs for North Dakota and Beyond. Bakken Energy Service Supports ND decision to create american jobs and decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

Several federal, state and local officials were on hand today for the opening of the latest pipeline in North Dakota.  Bridger Pipeline`s new Four Bears Pipeline is capable of handling 80,000 barrels of crude oil a day.
Sen. Kent Conrad praised the pipeline as a step forward in improving state infrastructure. “North Dakota is now producing 510,000 barrels of oil every day, helping to power our nation and reduce our dependence on foreign energy.  We need the infrastructure to match our vast energy resources while ensuring a high quality of life for the people living in the Bakken region,” he said.
Sen. John Hoeven agreed saying the pipeline is good for the state. “This Four Bears Pipeline is an efficient means of moving Bakken sweet crude from North Dakota to market, and transporting more Bakken oil is good for western North Dakota, our state and nation. We`ve worked hard to make it possible for important infrastructure like this to be constructed.”
Gov. Dalrymple was also on hand for the event. “This pipeline is a great example of everyone working together to address the impacts resulting from the rapid growth of the region`s oil and gas production,” he said. “I commend Bridger Pipeline and all those involved in its completion for their commitment to North Dakota`s energy industry.”

The Four Bears Pipeline is expected to remove the need for approximately 300 truck trips down Highway 85 and Highway 22 per day. Tim Fisher , Founder of  Bakken Energy Service applauds the new Four Bears Pipeline.

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