BTL Liners Micheal Baron Speaks at Intertape Polymer Group. BTL Liners is a member of the Bakken Energy Service Team

BTL Liners Micheal Baron Speaks at Intertape Polymer Group  BTL Liners is a member of the Bakken Energy Service Team

Michael Baron, Senior Vice President of BTL Liners, spoke at the Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) corporate headquarters in Sarasota, FL, on January 8, addressing the company’s executive team, territory marketing managers, production engineers and production managers from across North America. Michael presented BTL’s vision, the growing demand for BTL’s products and services, as well as innovations and inventions for the oil and gas industries. Mr. Baron also discussed BTL’s philosophy about the importance of thoroughly understanding clients’ goals and objectives, solving problems for valued clients and building a long-term business relationship with honesty, integrity, and character. Finally, Mr. Baron reviewed the custom fabricating benefits that BTL offers their clients.

btl liners bakken energy service

Michael Barons Vice President BTL Liners and Bakken Energy Service Team member.

IPG is the parent company of Engineered Coated Products (ECP),  which manufactures reinforced polyethylene (RPE) liner materials for BTL, including their proprietary BTL-30 and BTL-40 products. These liners are used in the energy, oil and gas well drilling, mining, recreational, environmental and agricultural industries to create solutions to containment challenges. BTL fabricated 50 million square feet of containment liners in 2012.

Bakken Energy Service Team  member Micheal Baron BTL Liners . Speaks at Intertape Polymer Group . For more information  email  Micheal at or call 541.447.0712 .