Chenega Corp Security For: IT, Personal & Corporate Joins Bakken Energy Service in Williston Basin Oil, Gas, Governement, Safety, Protection

Chenega Corp Security For: IT,  Personal ,  Corporate, Oil, Gas, and Government agencies joins the Bakken Energy Service in Williston Basin and beyond.   Chenega Corporation specializes in Command Center Operations, Information Assurance, Software Engineering, Software Development,  Project Management, SETA,  Intelligence & Special Operations Support,  Database Development, Systems Engineering , New Technology Migration (VoIP, IPv6).

Chenega Corp is at the forefront of providing  logistics management programs providing a security based progressive approach to Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and Maintenance offering a full range of complete life-cycle services. With the growing concern of protecting intellectual properties, pipeline management controls, oil and gas control/flow software, integrated  logistics software, proprietary formulas, proprietary systems and employee’s private and personal information Chenega Corp is there to keep the thieves and terrorist at bay.

Chenega not only helps protect sensitive information but also develops integrated software programs to enhance safety and put up the firewalls necessary to protect vital information.  Whether it is security for individuals, groups, or entire corporations Chenega is there to protect in all levels  physically as well as  in cyberspace.

Chenega  has a proven record of superior performance in training and distance learning solutions for DoD , federal customers and now the oil and gas industry.

Award-Winning, Mission-Focused Performance & Training Solutions

Distributed Mission Operations

  • Simulation scenario development

Blended Learning Approaches for Curriculum Development (computer & web-based)

  • Computer and Web-Based Academic Training Materials

  • 800 hours SCORM certified; classified and unclassified

Performance Approach

  • Front end analysis

  • Job aids

  • Performance support tools

  • Simulation

  • Instructor led training (ILT)

  • On the job training (OJT)

Distributed Learning Architectures (DLA)

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

  • Rapid e-learning courseware development

  • State of the art video training platform

Proven Results in Mission-Oriented Training Solutions

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Provided certified air traffic control personnel to the FAA’s Central Regional at seven Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) to deliver comprehensive air traffic control training, including the design and delivery of training materials for a variety of air traffic control sectors.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Trained more than 78,000 Customs Officers and Border Patrol Agents in the operation of complex surveillance systems for homeland security and border protection missions, as part of a mission oriented logistics services contract.


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Provided the FEMA National Training Center oversight and operations of seven laboratories, 34 classrooms, 300+ training computers and facilities to include 24-hour computer, laboratory and classroom support, and security, technical and program management.

U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Program (SSP)

Provided technical and training support for the U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Program combat mission crews on board Ballistic Missile (SSBN) and Guided Missile (SSGN) nuclear submarines.

U.S. Air Force

Responsible for the overall planning, oversight and implementation of advanced training technologies and coursework for more than 6,000 students in support of the Air Force Air Combat Command/A3YG and Air Defense Sector/Air and Space Operations training programs, including SCORM certified web-based interactive courseware, distant learning architecture and learning management system operation.

Bakken Energy Service welcomes Chenega Corp   Security for  IT,  Personal ,  Corporate and Government agencies and software developement and integration in Williston Basin. Chenega Corporation specializes in Command Center Operations, Information Assurance, Software Engineering, Project Management, SETA,  Intelligence & Special Operations Support,  Database Development, Systems Engineering , New Technology Migration (VoIP, IPv6).



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