Chevron in the swing of things:Dean’s Bulk Service

As we watched the Tiger Woods and Zach Johnson going toe to toe in the Chevron World Challenge Golf Tournament  in Thousand Oaks California, two thoughtscrossed my mind. First, how many products used in golf are petroleum based and
how much more fuel I am using keeping my home warm in Minnesota than my good
friend Lane is in Thousand Oaks.

If you love Golf, than you should love crude oil; from head to toe Tiger and Zach were proudly displaying their petroleum based products they were either using, wearing, or being broadcasted by.  The golf ball they were hitting were all products of made mainly from petroleum products. From the outside skin of the dimpled ball to its hard inner core, plastics (petroleum based) are used. But, it does not stop there.

The Nike Golf soles and cushions of Tiger’s shoes to the Velcro he had on his golf glove, petroleum was involved. The club grips, golf bag liners, plastic tee box markers, plastic lining of the holes, the flag pole in the holes, the flag on the poles, the leader board, the ropes keeping back the fans, the golf club covers, the covers of the golf cars, the buttons on their shirts, the sunglasses on Zach’s head, the microphones used by the announcers, the TV I was watching it on, and the pen I used when taking these notes.

You see, if you love golf, you must also love petroleum products. And if you live in a cold weather climate, you probably love them even more. Remember all the products that are made from petroleum products; I like wind and solar but I have yet made a golf grip from wind or sunlight.

I almost forgot, even the plastic lining each ponds are produced from petroleum. They may have even been  supplied by a future Bakken Energy Service Team member.