Chris Faulkner CEO Breitling Oil and Gas Former Guest on Energy Matters with Co-Host and CEO Bakken Energy Service Tim Fisher

Chris Faulkner CEO Breitling Oil and Gas is turning heads away from the sun. Mr. Faulkner has been a former guest on the radio show “Energy Matters”  interviewed by  Energy Matters Co-Host and CEO of Bakken Energy Service  Tim Fisher. Chris Faulkner also shares his vast industry knowledge on shows such as  Fox News where he is becoming a regular guest .

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Chris Faulkner is a breath of fresh air amongst the circulated mantra of stale green energy programs endorsed by the Obama Administration and special interest groups. Mr. Faulkner has been a guest on Energy Matters with Radio Show Co-Host and CEO of Bakken Energy Service Tim Fisher. Shown here is Chris Faulkner on the cover  of World Finance, the critically acclaimed bi-monthly magazine and website providing in-depth coverage and analysis of the financial industry and global economy.

Sharp, witty, and to the point, Mr. Faulkner brings bold facts to the  table which for the most part shines a bright light on the failure of the renewable energy projects supported Obama Administration. Companies such as Solyndra and California SunPower Corporation who is sending jobs and our tax dollars accross the boarder to Mexico.

More American tax dollars down the rat hole of political cronyism.

All to create 10-15 permanent jobs.  That’s not some silly estimate, that’s what the Department of Energy thought would result from the billion dollar loan. Now we know why they call it green energy.

Source – Big Government

The Department of Energy bragged about giving a $1.2 billion loan guarantee to SunPower, a politically connected solar energy company, to create “10-15 permanent jobs,” raising critical questions as to if California SunPower is the next Solyndra in the ongoing Crony-Gate scandal.

Unlike Solyndra, which went bankrupt after receiving the loan from the government leaving taxpayer on the hook, SunPower’s deal is more complicated.  Many questions are being raised about how the company was able to obtain the loan and what they did after they got the money.  Questions include:

  1. How could the Department of Energy give a loan to a company that was under a shareholder suit alleging securities fraud and misrepresentations?
  2. The son of Rep. George Miller (D-CA) who was paid $178,000 to lobby on behalf of the company represented SunPower as a lobbyist.  Why did Rep. George Miller tour the SunPower facility – which is outside his congressional district – and what other official action did Rep. Miller take on behalf of the company that is represented by his lobbyist son?
  3. Did the company’s hefty political contributions to the Obama campaign and the DCCC play a role in the deal?
  4. Did U.S. taxpayers help pay for the company to open a facility in Mexico after the announcement of the loan?
  5. Was the U.S. government aware that company executives were in the process of selling a portion of the company to a French company – an action that was undertaken two weeks after the loan was awarded?  Did the loan allow insider’s to cash out leaving other investors holding on to the stock that has dropped by more than 60% since the loan was awarded?

This and other topics will be covered on Energy Matters Tune in a 550 AM Bismarck and listen to world-class guests such as  Chris Faulkner CEO Breitling Oil and Gas . Listen to Tim Fisher   Co-Host and CEO of Bakken Energy Service  and Steve Bakken as influencial guest from  oil and gas giants such as Enbridge , Transcanada, Whiting Petroleum Corporation .