Fracking Ban Rumor spreads fast

I was sitting in a booth at Sanford’s Grub & Pub in Dickinson North Dakota for a luncheon meeting with a potential Bakken Energy Service Team member when I was asked if I thought it was true that there was going to be a ban on fracking coming January 1st, 2012. I stated I did not know but found it very unlikely even with the current administration’s less than friendly stance with the oil and gas industry. I went on to state why I feel it would be economical and poitical suicide for the Obama Administration and or Congress:

1) If a ban was put in place it would give the oil companies the opportunity to prove the safety of fracking to a court, possibly the Supreme Court, once and for all taking away the scare tactics being used by the anti-fossil fuel groups to fool an uneducated public.

2) A ban on fracking would take a large amount of domestic production out of the oil supply and would have an immediate effect on the upward pricing of a barrel of domestic crude.  It would pilfer much money out of the pockets of working Americans and more money into nations who openly sponsor terrorist aimed at killing Americans.

3) Finally, I would not want to face the 10’s of thousands of United States workers who would lose their jobs relating to the fracking industry which affects areas most have no idea are vital to the energy industry such as items as basic as cattle grates, culverts, road materials, casing, tubing, plastic lining, welders, electricians, carpenters, concrete suppliers, wood products, cooks, cleaners, hotels, bakery’s, food suppliers, mechanics, Laundromats, convenience stores,  clothing retailers, pilots, car rentals, tool manufacturers…. the list goes on and on. In a time where the shining star of productivity and job growth is the energy sector, i.e. fossil fuels, to kill these jobs as well as those supporting the oil and gas industry putting  the national security of the United States at risk would be pure stupidity and an attack on our nations sovereignty.

I then took a deep breath, took a sip of my diet Pepsi, and noticing my passion for American workers was at a fever pitch.  I then stated to those sitting across from me,  “Well, that’s my opinion.” 

The following day I read in the Bismarck Tribune the fracking ban was just a rumor. I smiled, took a sip of my morning coffee, and took reverence  in knowing that there still are solid political figures that are willing to put the United States  first.