Hot Oil Service In Bakken From North Country Oil A Bakken Energy Service Member

The newest Hot Oil Service Truck delivered to North Country Oil  in the Bakken. North County Oil is a member of the Bakken Energy Service Team North Country Oil  provide services throughout North Dakota and Montana’s oil-producing region.

Hot Oil Truck Service North County Bakken Service Action

North Country Oil provides Hot Oil Service throughout the Bakken. Shown is their newest arrival of the 2013 Hot Oil Truck. North Country Oil is a member of the Bakken Energy Service and offers many additional services such as vacuum  trucks, frac heaters, roustabout services and more.

North Country Oil is an oil field service company located in Parshall, ND, right in the middle of the Bakken Oil Field. A company founded on honesty, integrity, loyalty, excellent service and dedication to our customers.

North Country Oil and its core group of employees have been working in the Bakken for over three years now and are grounded here in North Dakota. They are from North Dakota. North Country Oil is so much more than just another company that came to North Dakota in fly by night fashion to make money off the oil field; they invest their time and money into North Dakota, the community and the people.

North Country Oil purchased land here and built a shop that will be here indefinitely. They have worked for the local grain elevator in Parshall to ensure they continue to operate. They have worked in the Parshall High School ensuring the students had heat during the winter months here. Recently North Country Oil sponsored and supported a local boxer (Shawn Hawk) for his fight at Four Bears Casino in New Town. North Country Oil is a company that stands apart because of their mindset and outreach.

Not only is North Country Oil’s leadership dedicated to the customer and the company; they are equally passionate about the employees. The turnover rate of hands at North Country Oil is proof of this—their men are taken care of. Not only with new and modern equipment to better serve the customer, North Country Oil houses our men free of charge in a single occupancy dorm style environment complete with laundry facilities, a kitchen boasting four refrigerators, two stoves and two microwaves and restroom facilities with three each of toilets, sinks and showers. Additionally there is a small gym/workout room and a TV/lounge area for the men to relax in. A separate shower and laundry facility is located in the locker room where the men can clean and store their gear before they ever have to enter their living area.

This is North Country Oil—A company that strives daily to serve our customer and stay a step ahead of other companies here in the Bakken. They are doing that constantly by upgrading their equipment, embracing change to keep their operation more efficient and safer for their men and customers and by reinvesting into the community that has welcomed them in the Bakken.

The newest Hot Oil Service Truck delivered to North Country Oil  in the Bakken. North County Oil is a member of the Bakken Energy Service Team North Country Oil  provide services throughout North Dakota and Montana’s oil-producing region. Contact:  Mark Semm

North Country Oil
7258 38th St.
Parshall, ND  58770
Phone: 701-570-7074
Fax: 701-862-2502