Les Burr, Burr Petroleum Consulting Panel Member For TERO Three Affilated Tribes Gathering – 4 Bears Casino

Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenergyservice.com member Les Burr  owner of Burr Petroleum Consulting Minot ND and active tribal Three Affiliated Tribes member www.burrpetroleumconsulting.com , has been asked by the Three Affiliated Tribes http://www.dakotacoalition.com/tat.html to be on a panel that will give  TERO ( Tribal Employment Regulation Organization ) and the oil and gas companies doing business on the Fort Berthold Reservation an opportuity to discuss rules and regulations moving forward.

Les Burr Bakken Energy Service Member

Les Burr owner of Burr Petroleum Consulting and Bakken Energy Service Member is a panel member for the Three Affiliated Tribes in regards to TERO rules and regulations to be held at 4 Bears Casino October 29th and 30th .

Burr Petroleum Consulting: www.burrpetroleumconsulting.com North Dakota based, 100% native American Owned Petroleum Consulting with focus on  the  Three Tribes- Berthold Indian Reservation www.mhanation.com .  Doing business   in North Dakota Bakken  and the Williston Basin . Burr Petroleum consulting has a wealth of information on the day-to-day needs and operations  of the oil and gas industry. Burr supplies hard to find parts and accessories as well as the leasing of  equipment. 701.240.5172 leslieb34@hotmail.com


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