Gasification Process explained by Paul Quist of Basin Energy on Energy Matters Radio Show

Gasification Process explained by Paul Quist of Basin Energy on Energy Matters Radio Show. This man knows his stuff!!!!

Gasification Process

Gasification process flowchart


Gasifying coal involves dismantling its molecular structure (by combustion) and reassembling the resulting hydrogen and carbon as methane gas (methanation), which is then sent to a pipeline. The heart of the Synfuels Plant is its 14 gasifiers. These gasifiers are cylindrical pressure vessels, 40 feet high with an inside diameter of 13 feet.

  • Each day 18,000 tons of lignite are fed into the top of the gasifiers.
  • Steam and oxygen are injected into the bottom of the coal beds causing intense combustion: 2,200 degrees F.
  • The hot gases break down the molecular bonds of coal and steam, releasing compounds of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen and other substances to form a raw gas that exits the gasifiers.
  • The raw gas is cooled.
  • Tar, oils, phenols, ammonia and water coproducts are condensed from the gas stream and purified and sent on.
    The gas moves to a cleaning area where further impurities are removed.
  • Methanation occurs when the cleaned gas passes over a nickel catalyst causing carbon monoxide and the remaining carbon dioxide to react with free hydrogen to form methane.
  • Carbon dioxide is removed.
  • The gas is then cooled, dried, and compressed, and enters the pipeline with a heating value of 975 Btu per cubic foot.


Paul Quist Marketing Development Manager primary contact for all products email: Paul Quist Tel: 701.557.4412

1717 E. Interstate Ave.
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Great Plains Synfuels Plant
420 County Road 26
Beulah, ND 58523-9400 USA

Eide Bailly hosts Williston Workshop September, October, November, December- Member of Bakken Energy Service

Eide Bailly hosts several Workshops in Williston at the Grand Williston Hotel  September, October, November, December plus September 12th Open House and Williston Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the  Eide Bailly office, 210 University Ave. Williston. . Eide Bailly is a member of the Bakken Energy Service Team .

Eide Bailly Workshops Williston North Dakota September through December. Eide Bailly is a member of the Bakken Energy Service Team.

Eide Bailly Hold Workshops in Williston North Dakota September through December. Eide Bailly is a member of the Bakken Energy Service Team.


Leveraging Technology to Enable Growth by D.C. Lucas

7:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Center
Just like business in the Bakken, technology moves at a fast pace. Our seminar will help you make sense of the options available to you and how organizations can leverage technology to enable growth. Learn how to assess your organization’s people and processes, evaluate business applications and how you can use technology to connect with your customers.

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Open House and Williston Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours
5:30 – 7:30 p.m. | Eide Bailly office, 210 University Ave. Williston
Come see what Eide Bailly can do for you at the September Business After Hours! Tour our new facility, talk to our service specialists and mingle with fellow community members. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Please call 701.577.2157 or email Wendy Carns by September 6 to RSVP.

Wealth Management – Estate Planning for Changing Times by Ava Archibald
7:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Center
Wealth Management is a dynamic process that involves many people and individual assets. As people, assets and laws change, it is important to review and adjust your estate plans. Significant legislative changes were made in 2012 and there will likely be more changes implemented in the future. It is essential that you review your planning to consider both current law, as well as the potential changes. Many strategies that are currently beneficial to you may be curtailed by future legislation.

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Maximize Cash Flow from Your Real Estate Investments by Rod Axtell and Robert Lehmann
7:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Center
A cost segregation study is an excellent planning tool approved by the IRS to lower income taxes. It’s based on a detailed process that identifies all the costs associated with a building’s purchase, construction, repair, or renovation and puts them on the shortest depreciation life allowed by IRS rules. Learn how you can reduce your income tax liabilities and maximize cash flow from your real estate investments.

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Fraud in YOUR Business? by Jeremy Bendewald
7:30 – 10:30 a.m. | Grand Williston Hotel & Conference Center
Fraudulent activity in the workplace is on the rise and has many people wondering if their business is protected. Do you have the necessary controls in place? Are you already a victim of fraud? Learn how to identify red flags and reduce the opportunities for workplace fraud.

Eide Bailly hosts several Workshops in Williston at the Grand Williston Hotel  September, October, November, December . Eide Bailly is a member  of the Bakken Energy Service Team .

Is DOJ probe into Halliburton and Baker Hughes in antitrust investigation unjustified?

Is the Department Of Justice probe into Halliburton and Baker Hughes in an antitrust probe unjustified?

The definition of ANTITRUST is : Opposing or intended to regulate business monopolies, such as trusts or cartels, especially in the interest of promoting competition: antitrust legislation.

This means those being looked into may have the ability to monopolize a business sector. This particular case, the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division is probing “The hydraulic fracturing with the DOJ looking into the possibility of anticompetitive practices involving pressure pumping performed on oil and gas wells.”

Here is why this probe will fall on flat on its face and/or will fade away quickly. Halliburton on holds approximatly 18% share of the “practices involving pressure pumping performed on oil and gas wells”. Add to this Baker Hughes at approximate 12% and a total of 30% share does not even come close to meeting the minimum threshold of an antitrust suit.

What appears just as odd is the company holding the two ranking in “practices involving pressure pumping performed on oil and gas wells” Schlumberger is apparently not involved in the probe given it was not to my knowledge mentioned in their 10Q report. Schlumberger has an approximate 13% share in the “practices involving pressure pumping performed on oil and gas wells”.

So let us total the top three approximate percent share of market; Halliburton at 18%, Schlumberger at 13% and Baker Hughes at 12% for a grand total share of market of 43%. Yes, only 43%. So, even taking the top three players will not breach a 51% share. To break the minimum barrier we must add the fourth position held by either Weatherford or Frac Tech both with an estimated 10% share.

Summary, if it takes four of the largest companies to reach the 51% is there any chance that number 1 Halliburton and number 3 Baker Hughes have a monopoly?

So why the probe? It appears there are two possible reasons- First, the DOJ was not aware that the second largest company Schlumberger which has “practices involving pressure pumping performed on oil and gas wells ” actually exists or they are targeting high profile companies to please their green, anti-fracturing base. In either case it is about to get very embarrassing for the DOJ.

I have two suggestions: 1) DOJ drop your unwarned probe 2) Schlumberger, stay out of the crosshairs.


Bakken Williston Basin Cold Weather DC System Criticial Power Battery Monitoring Little’s Specialities Bakken Energy Service

With cold weather upon us in the Bakken and  Williston Basin contact Little’s Specialities  DC System Critical Power Battery Monitoring a member of Bakken Energy Service . Featuring Alber   leading  the industry with storage battery monitoring and test equipment.

Alber Little's Specialities Bakken Energy Service Battery Monitors

Cold weather in the Bakken and Williston Basin requires Little’s Specialities Alber Critical DC Power Systems, Battery Monitoring Systems, Battery Capacity Testing, Battery Diagnostics and Maintenance contact Little’s Specialities .com 410.879.8924

Bakken and Williston basin companies whose telephone, power and data centers that can’t have power interrupted count on Alber equipment to ensure the integrity of their emergency power systems. Little’s Specialities also offers  Alber battery maintenance and testing seminars.

Knowledgeable and objective problem solving has earned  Little’s Specialities  Alber the respect of manufacturers throughout the standby power battery industry.

Cold weather in the Bakken and Williston Basin requires Alber for Critical DC Power Systems, Battery Monitoring Systems, Battery Capacity Testing, Battery Diagnostics and Maintenance contact Little’s Specialities  410.879.8924 a member of Bakken Energy Service Team

Bakken Energy Service ,Transcanada Keystone Pipeline, Enbridge, Tesoro, Aux Sable, Alliance Pipeline – Share Stage in Denver Oil and Gas Summit

Transcanada Keystone Pipeline , Enbridge , Tesoro , Aux Sable , Bakken Energy Service  and Alliance Pipeline shared the stage  in Denver Colorado Oil and Gas Summit.

Bakken Energy Service. Enbridge. Transcanada. Tesoro. Alliance Pipeline. Aux Sable

From left to right: Phil Anderson -Tesoro, Kelly Wilkins – Enbridge Pipeline, Tim Fisher- Bakken Energy Service, Troy Andrews – Aux Sable , Greg Lohnes Transcanada

Questions discussed on Midstream Perspectives on Pipeline Build-out in the Bakken Shale

  • What is the current pipeline takeaway capacity from the Bakken and how much more is required to be built to meet expected production growth?
  • What pipeline expansion projects are currently under development and what is their shipping capacity?
  • Which announced transportation systems will receive industry support by the highest level of commitments from suppliers and become a reality?
  • How would such a takeaway capacity increase affect transportation companies and the level of road traffic in North Dakota?
  • What other midstream infrastructure needs to be expanded?
  • How can the midstream companies maximize the rates of return on infrastructure costs?
  • What is the level of cooperation between midstream companies and railroads, and what will happen in the long-term future?

These questions were answered by Phil Anderson- President of Tesoro Logistics ,  Troy Andrews – Director of Bakken Development Aux Sable , Jason Feit – Business Development Manager Alliance Pipeline , Tim Fisher Founder and CEO Bakken Energy Service  , Senior Representative Transcanada and Kelly Wilkens Strategic Planning and Business Development Enbridge Pipeline discussed the future of pipeline and midstream  needs in the Bakken.

Steve Bakken KFYR – Moderator in Denver Infrastructure Finance Development Summit – KFYR Bakken Energy Service Member

Steve Bakken of KFYR host of “What’s on your mind” and “Energy Matters, KFYR is a member of Bakken Energy Service . Steve Bakken is   to moderate  “Community Perspectives on How to Keep-up with the Robust Growth” in Denver October 23rd – 25th , 2012 Bakken Infrastructure Finance and Development Summit . Other Bakken Energy Service also attending as panels are Dwight Enget Bakken Staffing and Tim Fisher and co-host of “Energy Matters”.

Bakken Energy Service Steve Bakken KFYR 550 AM Bismarck ND Whats on your mind. Energy Matters

Summit Moderator: Steve Bakken KFYR 550 AM Bismarck ND host of “Whats on your mind?” and Co-Host of “Energy Matters” with Tim Fisher , Panelist and CEO/Founder of Bakken Energy Service

Towns located in the heart of the Bakken Oil Formation are booming with jobs, but many workers can’t find affordable housing because there’s a huge housing shortage. Homeless families with children are struggling to survive in the middle of one of richest oil fields in the world. But homelessness in the Bakken isn’t just affecting people in Northeastern Montana and Western North Dakota. This panel discussion will help you gain an understanding of the Bakken’s current situation and key obstacles and inconveniences the boom has caused for local people, and discover how all the stakeholders in the region are working together to overcome them.

  •  Identifying the housing shortages in North Dakota, America’s fastest-growing state economy.

  •  What strategies are implemented to meet the growing demand for housing?

  •  What are the key services needed to build new homes – water treatment plants, wastewater

  • treatment plants, power plants, roads and others?

  • What is the need for social infrastructure such as schools, hospital expansions, hotels,

  • retail etc.?

Moderator: Steve Bakken, Talk Show Host, “WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND”, “ENERGY MATTERS”  KFYR 550 AM BISMARCK, ND will ask questions of Panelists:

Jill Edson, Planning and Zoning Administration, WILLIAMS COUNTY

Ken Callahan, Energy Services Manager, MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES;


Shawn Kessel, City Administrator, CITY OF DICKINSON


John Phillips, Development Director, BEULAH NORTH DAKOTA ECONOMIC DEVELOP

Iron Horse adds more Scoria Pits in North Dakota Bakken

Bakken Energy Service Team Member Iron Horse- Industrial services adds additional Scoria pits to help serve the majority of the Bakken and Williston Basin oil patch.

Iron Horse looks to have as many as 10 Scoria pits strategically located throughout the Bakken Oil Patch and Williston Basin oil play. With over 18,000 square miles of land which makes up the Bakken Oil Patch and Williston Basin, Iron Horse – Industrial Services founder and CEO Bill Fisher feels distance is not our friend. Bill states ” The closer we can locate our scoria pits to where the oil wells  are being drilled, the lower the cost of construction.”

Iron Horse – Industrial Services also has gravel, rock and other materials available.

Riley Brothers Construction Joins BESTeam

I want to welcome to our BESTeam our newest member Riley Brothers Construction

BakkenEnergy Service Riley Brothers Construction

Riley Brothers Construction Joins the Bakken Energy Service Team


Bakken Energy Service New member Riley Brothers Construction

A complete fleet of construction equipment, project managers and experienced people headed up by its President Jim Rentz. I have know Jim for many years as he headed another construction compnay in Minnesota before being asked to come to Riley Brothers Construction and bring his many years of excavating, bidding and construxction expertise. Riley Brothers Construction is currenly very active in North Dakota. BESTeam focus will be on:

- Pad building – Roads Construction  – Building Site Preperation – Bituminous Paving

- Underground Utilites (Water and Sewer) – Scoria, Sand and Gravel Hauling

- Certified Crane Work  – Building Demolition

“I can see it now…..  Riley Brother Construction (RBC)  builds the road and pad getting  the gravel and scoria from Iron Horse. On the pad is an above ground wate pit lined by BTL Liners. The  underground electricial   work is done by Todavich Electric while Coating Specialites blast and paints the above ground piping.  RBC returns to its building built by Gateway driving over the scoria supplied by Iron Horse and flips on the electricial switch installed by Todavich and settles into a warm office insulated by Coating Specialies  looking at their  website designed   Innovative Business Solutions .

Not to mention the casing, rat hole, rig, fencing, water, tanks, mud logging, welding, steam cleaning, cattle gates etc..etc ..all done by future BESTeam members.  Tim Fisher Founder:  Bakken Energy Services”

We in the BESTeam welcome Riley Brother Construction and go BESTeam! 2012 is on its way to being a GREAT Year!

Riley Brothers Construction Service with Bakken Energy

Riley Brothers Construction Offers Certified Crane Work : Bakken Energy Services