BESTeam Conference Call a great success

It never ceases to amaze me what real TEAM WORK can accomplish. On Tuesday we held our first, of many to come , BESTeam Conference Call.  It was an opportunity for many of the BESTeam members to introduce themselves, their companies and simply share in like
goals. The power of a TEAM is a strength that individual players simply cannot reach.  When  I was working towards my MBA in international business one of the professors put a mathematical equation  on the screen and it was a true or false answer.

Here was the equation:    A+B+C=X  is equal to A+B+C+D-D=X
In mathematical terms the answer is true  1+2=3  is equal to  1+2+4-4=3 . But, in business terms where people, companies, ideas, thoughts, or  positive energy someone brings by simply walking into a room can never be discounted. Now let’s swap   companies for numbers on a telephone conference call +  + =SUCCESS.

But now let’s add  to the equation.  Cindy Todavich calls in but after a few minutes needs to drop off the call. What Cindy brought to the group can never
be taken away even if she is not  present at the moment. +  +
+ = Even Greater  SUCCESS.

Imagine what we accomplish when we also add + +  +  and others who will be part  of the TEAM!

Thank you Professor for your wisdom,  and thank you Bakken Energy Service   Members for making the conference call a great success. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, 2012 is going to be a great year and I know we do have the BESTeam in the oil and gas industry!