Rig Mats North Dakota – Quality Mat Co. Joins Bakken Energy Service Bakken Williston Basin Oilfield

Rig mats North Dakota  from Quality Mat Co. www.qmat.com operating in through the Bakken and Williston Basin offering  Rig Drilling Mats, Crane Mats, Laminated Mats, plus  Interlocking Oilfield Mats  Joins Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenrgyservice.com .

Job sites and oil pads drilling sites in the Bakken and Williston Basin were pioneered in 1981 when Joe Penland, founder of Quality Mat Company installed the first drilling location built from the patented interlocking oilfield mats. Quality Mat revolutionized on land oil and gas drilling by offer in the producers a faster and cleaner approach to building drilling locations. At the same time Quality Mat minimized the environmental impact helping stabilize the not only drilling rig but also the land it is installed  on.  Used by copies such as HESS Oil www.hess.com , Marathon Oil www.marathon.com , Whiting Oil www.whiting.com and many other world-class companies.

Quality Mat Rig Oak Mats Oil Field Mats Bakken Energy Service

Quality Mat makes th eworld’s best oak mats for oilfield rigs, crane mats, environmentally friendly temp roads.

 Quality Mat products are made from 100% oak timbers then nailed and bolted together for maximum strength. Quality Mat products can actually pay for themselves in reducing the time it takes to set-up a rig for drilling by supplying a safe, solid surface. Quality Mat also minimizes accidents by providing a safe flat surface and helps  eliminate water puddles and the slipping  and sliding caused by muddy surfaces.

The Quality Mat rig mats are unlike any other mats since they are made of 6″ x 6″ horizontally placed treated  oak cross members, additional reinforced lifting slots, steel end ramps and steel longitudinal beams.  Tough Bakken and Williston Basin terrain require the toughest rig mats, Quality Mat produces the toughest of all rig mats.

quality mat bakken energy service oil rig mats crane mats

Quality Mats can be identified by the  bright pink painted ends. When you see the pink, you can think green.

Rig mats from Quality Mat a Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenrgyservice.com  is welcomed as the newest BESTeam Member Quality Mat Co. www.qmat.com operating in through the Bakken and Williston Basin offering  Rig Drilling Mats, Crane Mats, Laminated Mats, plus  Interlocking Oilfield Mats  Joins .

Burr Petroleum Consulting 100% Native American Owned Joins Bakken Energy Service

One Hundred Percent  Native American Owned , Burr Petroleum Consulting  www.burrpetroleumconsulting.com joins Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenergyservice.com. Owner, Les Burr brings many years of hands-on oil and gas consulting  in the Bakken, Sanish , Williston Basin and beyond.

Burr Petroleum Consulting Fort Berthold Indian Reservation New Town Bakken Williston Basin

Burr Petroleum Consulting Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, photo taken in New Town North Dakota, Bakken - Williston Basin

Burr Petroleum Consulting can be seen throughout the Bethhold Indian Reservation as he consults in the Three Tribes Nation for companies involved in construction, drilling and production. Les has an extensive safety background which has been a true asset to his business in regards to their expertise in consulting in all aspects of construction, drilling and production.

The addition of Burr Petroleum Consulting provides  Bakken Energy Service Team Members an opportunity to work with a 100% native American Owned company on the Berthold Indian Reservation giving us all insight and greater erespect for the Three Tribes Nation .

Burr Petroleum Consulting is the fourth Bakken Energy Service Member who has land and businesses located inside of the Berthold Indian Reservation showing our committment to all of the Bakken, Sanish and Williston Basin regions. We are investing greatly in the long-term success of the Oil and Gas industry as well as the long-term benefits to the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nations  http://www.mhanation.com/   living inside and around the Berthold Indian Reservation. Having a Native American company in the BESTeam certainly enhances the quality and knowledge of all the BESTeam Members.

It seems no matter where you go on the Berthold Indian Reservation you see the Burr Petroleum Consulting hats worn by his crew and Native Americans who are honored to have a TERO qualified,  Native American Brother working in  his native land.

Burr Consulting Berthhold Indian Reservation Petroleum Consulting Williston Bakken

It seems no matter where you go on the Berthhold Indian Reservation you see Burr Petroleum Consulting hats and praise for this 100% Native American Owned Corporation

Burr Petroleum Consulting www.burrpetroleumconsulting.com  100%  Native American Owned Corporation and TERO registered, serves the Berthold Indian Reservation including New Town, Parshall, Madaree, Sanish Formation, Twin Buttes, Raub, Roseglen, White Shield, Berthold Peninsula, and the shores of Lake Sakakawea. Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenergyservice.com welcomes Burr Petroleum Consulting to the BESTeam serving the Sanish Formation, Bakken, Williston Basin with the ultimate care for the environment.


Riley Brothers Construction Joins BESTeam

I want to welcome to our BESTeam our newest member Riley Brothers Construction

BakkenEnergy Service Riley Brothers Construction

Riley Brothers Construction Joins the Bakken Energy Service Team


Bakken Energy Service New member Riley Brothers Construction

A complete fleet of construction equipment, project managers and experienced people

www.rileybros.com headed up by its President Jim Rentz. I have know Jim for many years as he headed another construction compnay in Minnesota before being asked to come to Riley Brothers Construction and bring his many years of excavating, bidding and construxction expertise. Riley Brothers Construction is currenly very active in North Dakota. BESTeam focus will be on:

- Pad building – Roads Construction  – Building Site Preperation – Bituminous Paving

- Underground Utilites (Water and Sewer) – Scoria, Sand and Gravel Hauling

- Certified Crane Work  – Building Demolition

“I can see it now…..  Riley Brother Construction (RBC)  builds the road and pad getting  the gravel and scoria from Iron Horse. On the pad is an above ground wate pit lined by BTL Liners. The  underground electricial   work is done by Todavich Electric while Coating Specialites blast and paints the above ground piping.  RBC returns to its building built by Gateway driving over the scoria supplied by Iron Horse and flips on the electricial switch installed by Todavich and settles into a warm office insulated by Coating Specialies  looking at their  website designed   Innovative Business Solutions .

Not to mention the casing, rat hole, rig, fencing, water, tanks, mud logging, welding, steam cleaning, cattle gates etc..etc ..all done by future BESTeam members.  Tim Fisher Founder:  Bakken Energy Services”

We in the BESTeam welcome Riley Brother Construction and go BESTeam! 2012 is on its way to being a GREAT Year!

Riley Brothers Construction Service with Bakken Energy

Riley Brothers Construction Offers Certified Crane Work : Bakken Energy Services

BTL Liners and Gateway Building Systems join Bakken Energy Service Team

Gateway Building Systems and BTL Liners join Baken Energy Service Team

What a great couple of weeks for the Bakken Energy Service

Last week BES was honored to welcome new Team Member Gateway
Building Systems. Gateway Building Systems has gained a hard earned reputation
as a Design/Build contractor that holds experience, quality, reliability, and
safety above all other considerations. When you select Gateway, you’re getting
more than a contractor. You are getting a full service Design/Build general
contractor that will create a building solution to meet your needs. I want to
thank Marius Rygg, President Building Division for his kind commitment to
Building the Bakken! www.gatewaybuilding.com

This week we are excited to announce our newest BESTeam Member BTL Liners.

For over 30 years BTL™ has continually strived to provide containment solutions
protecting the most valuable natural resources of the world, by designing,
fabricating, and constructing the most durable and dependable, custom
containment systems on the planet! Guaranteed. BTL™ Liners are excited in their
continued work of Building the Bakken. www.btlliners.com
.  Mike, Jan, and Brad welcome to the
TEAM! We are honored to be a part of your growing Bakken Family.


Coating Specialties’ Chad Toftness “A positive force”

Coating Specialties’ Chad Toftness “A positive force”

When we first met Chad Toftness from Coating Specialties LLC
we had no idea of the positive influence he would bring to the BESTeam. Chad
works beside his father Dennis in the field who founded Coating Specialties and
is the Bakken Energy Services’ biggest advocate. With people like Chad on the
team, the success of Bakken Energy Service is greatly increased.

Chad Toftness of Coating Specialites sees the possibilities  in every project and every person he meets.

Coating Specializes is in the process of  creating a new website so stay tuned. www.coatingspec.com