Transcanada Talks About Keystone XL Pipeline with Bakken Energy Service CEO Tim Fisher

Transcanada spokes person talks about Keystone XL Pipeline with Bakken Energy Service CEO Tim Fisher Co-Host of the radio talk show Energy Matters on KFYR AM 550 in Bismarck North Dakota.

The first topic was informing the listening audience Transcanada already has a pipeline that crosses from the oil sands in Saskatchewan Canada all the way to the oil  refinery in Cushing, Oklahoma. This pipeline has been in use for many years without incident. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a new pipeline proposed to bring oil from the oil sands in Canada all the way to the Gulf of Mexico which will allow the oil sands product to replace the oil currently imported from Venezuela.


The Transcanada Keystone XL Pipeline will bring thousands of high paying jobs to the USA, replace dirty Venezuelan oil, and will keep billions of our US Dollars at home while helping our largest trading partner Canada.

Venezuela oil currently imported to the United States carry more carbon   that of the Canadian Oil Sands virtually reducing green house emissions . When Venezuelan oil in imported to the  United States it has a negative effect on North American countries as nearly 80 % off the oil revenue stays in OPEC country Venezuela and billions of United States currency is sent to a country that is no friend to the United States. Dictator Hugo Chavez has disdain for the United States whereas Canada, our largest trading partner, stands side by side with the United States.

Also Dictator Chavez has 4th stage cancer and is fighting for his life. If he passes there is a real likelihood there will be severe unrest and a potential government overthrow which may end imports to the USA all together.

If the Keystone XL pipeline is approved it will also keep millions of barrels of oil from being shipped to China, India and Pakistan. Canadian oil is a national security advantage for both the United States and Canada.

Jobs, President Obama talks about the creation of high paying jobs and the Keystone XL Pipeline will bring exactly that. A big hurdle- A draft State Department report concludes that  building the Keystone XL  pipeline would not speed up development of  Canada’s oil sands, dealing a blow  to environmentalists who claim  Keystone would worsen climate change.The report from the State Department says the Canada-to-Texas pipeline  would  have little impact on the environment.

“Approval or denial of the proposed project is unlikely to  have a  substantial impact on the rate of development in the oil sands,  or on the  amount of heavy crude oil refined in the Gulf Coast area,” the report says.

Read more: Follow us: @thehill on Twitter | TheHill on Facebook Thousands of high paying jobs during the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline and thousands later to maintain the flow of oil and US refineries producing fuels that keep the world moving.

Tim Fisher Co-Host of the radio talk show Energy Matters on KFYR AM 550 in Bismarck North Dakota and CEO of  Bakken Energy Service iterviews Transcanada spokes person  about Keystone XL Pipeline.


Steve Bakken KFYR – Moderator in Denver Infrastructure Finance Development Summit – KFYR Bakken Energy Service Member

Steve Bakken of KFYR host of “What’s on your mind” and “Energy Matters, KFYR is a member of Bakken Energy Service . Steve Bakken is   to moderate  “Community Perspectives on How to Keep-up with the Robust Growth” in Denver October 23rd – 25th , 2012 Bakken Infrastructure Finance and Development Summit . Other Bakken Energy Service also attending as panels are Dwight Enget Bakken Staffing and Tim Fisher and co-host of “Energy Matters”.

Bakken Energy Service Steve Bakken KFYR 550 AM Bismarck ND Whats on your mind. Energy Matters

Summit Moderator: Steve Bakken KFYR 550 AM Bismarck ND host of “Whats on your mind?” and Co-Host of “Energy Matters” with Tim Fisher , Panelist and CEO/Founder of Bakken Energy Service

Towns located in the heart of the Bakken Oil Formation are booming with jobs, but many workers can’t find affordable housing because there’s a huge housing shortage. Homeless families with children are struggling to survive in the middle of one of richest oil fields in the world. But homelessness in the Bakken isn’t just affecting people in Northeastern Montana and Western North Dakota. This panel discussion will help you gain an understanding of the Bakken’s current situation and key obstacles and inconveniences the boom has caused for local people, and discover how all the stakeholders in the region are working together to overcome them.

  •  Identifying the housing shortages in North Dakota, America’s fastest-growing state economy.

  •  What strategies are implemented to meet the growing demand for housing?

  •  What are the key services needed to build new homes – water treatment plants, wastewater

  • treatment plants, power plants, roads and others?

  • What is the need for social infrastructure such as schools, hospital expansions, hotels,

  • retail etc.?

Moderator: Steve Bakken, Talk Show Host, “WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND”, “ENERGY MATTERS”  KFYR 550 AM BISMARCK, ND will ask questions of Panelists:

Jill Edson, Planning and Zoning Administration, WILLIAMS COUNTY

Ken Callahan, Energy Services Manager, MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES;


Shawn Kessel, City Administrator, CITY OF DICKINSON


John Phillips, Development Director, BEULAH NORTH DAKOTA ECONOMIC DEVELOP