Hess, Marathon , EOG Safety First

Hess, Marathon , EOG Safety First

Hello BESTeam Followers!!

Since safety is the   number  one priority  with compaines such as Oxy, Continental, Oasis,  Whiting and other top oil companies in the Bakken and Williston Basin,  Bakken Energy Service’s mission is to meet and exceed their Safety First demands.

Marathon, Oxy, Hess, EOG, all demand Safety First- Bakken Energy Service is here to implement the safety first directives.

I want to welcome to our BESTeam our newest Safety First driven member Riley    Brothers Construction www.rileybros.com headed up by its President Jim Rentz. I have know Jim for many years as he headed another construction compnay in Minnesota before being asked to come to Riley Brothers Construction and bring his many years of excavating, bidding and construxction expertise. Riley Brothers Construction is currenly very active in North Dakota. BESTeam focus will be on:

- Pad building

- Roads Construction

- Building Site Preperation

- Bituminous Paving

- Underground Utilites (Water and Sewer)

- Scoria, Sand and Gravel Hauling

- Certified Crane Work

- Building Demolition

I can see it now…..  Riley Brother Construction (RBC)  www.rileybros.com builds the road and pad getting  the gravel and scoria from Iron Horse www.ironhorse-alex.com . On the pad is an above ground wate pit lined by BTL Liners www.btlliners.com . The  underground electricial   work is done by Todavich Electric www.todavich.com  while Coating Specialites www.coatingspecs.com blast and paints the above ground piping.  RBC returns to its building built by Gateway Building Systems www.gatewaybuilding.comdriving over the scoria supplied by Iron Horse and flips on the electricial switch installed by Todavich and settles into a warm office insulated by Coating Specialies  looking at their  website designed   Innovative Business Solutions www.inbsinc.com .

Not to mention the casing, rat hole, rig, fencing, water, mud logging, welding, steam cleaning, cattle gates etc..etc ..all done by future BESTeam members. We look forward to working with companies like Hess www.Hess.com Marathonwww.marathon.com  EOG www.eogresources.com and many others.

Welcome Riley Brother Construction and go BESTeam! 2012 is onit way to being a GREAT Year!