Marken – Cutting Crimper Machines Custom Hose- Wire- Cable- Tubing, Bakken Williston Basin, Bakken Energy Service Member

Marken – Manufacturers Custom Cutting and Crimping Machines for Industrial Hose Cutting and Crimping Machines -Wire Cutting Machines  –  Cable Cutting Machines – Tubing Cutting Machines , for  the Bakken Oil  Field , Williston Basin and beyond. Marken manufacturing joins Bakken Energy Service Member  serving  North Dakota, Montana and South Dakota in cities such as Dickinson, Williston, Bismarck, Billings, Minot, Sioux Falls.

Marken K 285 Adjustable Height Industrial Hose Crimper

Marken K 285 Adjustable Height Industrial Hose Crimper. It is a 400 ton press with capacity for up to 6 inch hoses.  What is unique about this is the height of the crimping head is adjustable from the floor to table working height. No other machine in the market does this. We find that many people make hoses on the floor, so, why not bring the crimper to the hose, instead of vice versa. We also offer crimpers in the 2, 4, 6, and 8 inch range.

More than 20 years of expertise:  Marken Manufacturing has over 20 years of experience helping you with cutting technology and equipment needs. Marken specializes in standard and custom cutting machines for hose, wire, cable and tubing industries. With a full line of accessories ranging from payouts and coilers to production pushers and crimpers, Marken meets all your hose and cable assembly requirements.


  • Manual Cutting

    Marken M20 Heavy Duty Hose Saw Bakken Energy ServiceMarken M20 Heavy Duty Hose Saw for hose up to 6”. This has 15hp and a 22” blade. IT is automatic in that there is no speed adjustment for cutting speed. It auto-senses the correct rate of cutting based on hose type. Marken is a member of the Bakken Energy Service Team

  • Automatic Cutting

  • Feeding / Coiling

  • Fitting Insertion

  • Crimping

  • Marking

  • Testing

  • Service

  • Customization

Marken – Manufacturers Custom Cutting and Crimping Machines for Industrial Hose Cutting and Crimping Machines  – Wire  Cutting Machines  –  Cable Cutting Machines – Tubing Cutting Machines. Marken manufacturing is welcomed into the Bakken Energy Service Member family. Serving the Bakken Oil  Field , Williston Basin and beyond.

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