Ed Schafer Former Gov ND & Tim Fisher Founder Bakken Energy Service- Interviewed by Heidi Bell Gease- Rapid City Journal

Ed Schafer, former Governor of North Dakota, Former  Secretary of Agriculture – Tim Fisher, Founder Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenergyservice.com  Interviewed by Heidi Bell Gease of the  Rapid City Journal on December 12, 2012 •  Heidi Bell Gease Journal staff   Heidi Bell Gease at 605-394-8419 or  during the Opportunities in the Bakken Seminar.

Former North Dakota Gov. Ed Schafer delivers the keynote address Tuesday morning at the opening of the Bakken oil conference in Rapid City. Schafer said there are opportunities for South Dakota to gain new business from the North Dakota oil boom.

Former North Dakota Gov. Ed Schafer delivers the keynote address Tuesday morning at the opening of the Bakken oil conference in Rapid City. Schafer said there are opportunities for South Dakota to gain new business from the North Dakota oil boom. CEO and Founder of Bakken Energy Service Tim Fisher later supplied eye-opening and detailed Bakken Shale information.

“It’s not too late to get involved,” agreed keynote speaker and former North Dakota Gov. Ed Schafer, now a board member for Continental Resources. “And it certainly is going to be a long-term play.” Schafer said South Dakota’s similarities to North Dakota — particularly, people who are honest and caring and hard-working — will be to its benefit in attracting businesses and investors that may want to be near the oil patch, but not in it.

“They need to park someplace,” he said. “I’m encouraged about the possibilities in South Dakota.” There are roughly 5,500 oil wells in the Bakken today, Schafer said, yet experts say the area can support more than 50,000 wells. “We haven’t even gotten to 90 percent of the opportunity that’s in North Dakota,” he said.

“The size of the pie is huge,” said Tim Fisher, founder of Bakken Energy Service. “There is enough for everyone and then some.”Fisher, who describes his Bakken Energy Service business as the “world’s largest third-party logistics company because it is our job to get services from one location to another in a reliable, cost effective manner  ” for its 38 coalition members, urged South Dakota not to compare itself and its oil potential to its northern neighbor.

“North Dakota’s Wal-Mart and South Dakota’s Ace Hardware,” he said. But South Dakotans shouldn’t be afraid to “open an Ace Hardware” because there’s a Wal-Mart next door. “Drop the scarcity mentality,” Fisher said, adding that businesses need to work together to benefit everyone. “You’re not the enemy. Start working together … This is your backyard.”

South Dakota’s geology will prevent it from ever seeing an oil boom like the one now happening in North Dakota’s Bakken Formation. But there are still plenty of great oil-related opportunities for western South Dakota, speakers said at a local seminar Tuesday.

That was good news for about 175 people who signed up for the one-day summit, “Opportunities in the Bakken,” held at Hilton Garden Inn in Rapid City. It was one in a series of seminars being presented around the country, said Jeff Johnson of Midwest Real Estate News, one of the event sponsors.

Tuesday’s audience was a mix of business people, potential investors, real estate developers and others interested in learning more about North Dakota’s oil industry and the economic opportunities it has to offer. Eldene Henderson of Rapid City was one of just 20 or so women in the audience. “I’m kind of an information collector,” she said, explaining her decision to attend. But Henderson is also working on a development project for senior citizens who want to relocate from North Dakota. From that standpoint, she found the speakers “very informative.”

Jim LeMar, a salesman with Canada-based Northstar Homes, appreciated the summit’s networking opportunities as much as the information it provided. “I’m just looking to make contacts in the business communities that are working up in North Dakota,” he said. “Hopefully, I’ve met a couple people that will lead to some business.”

So is South Dakota State Geologist Derric Iles. Because while South Dakota’s geology ensures it will “never see production come to the extent that North Dakota has,” there’s still a lot of unexplored potential.

Iles pointed to studies done in western South Dakota in the 1950s that showed “tight shale” — similar to what’s found in the Bakken — that was of little commercial interest at the time. But with the capabilities of today’s technology, Iles believes those areas might be worth a closer look. “I think we’re  under explored ,” he said.

Tim Fisher, Founder Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenergyservice.com and Ed Schafer, former Governor of North Dakota were    Interviewed by Heidi Bell Gease in Rapid City Journal on December 12, 2012 •  Heidi Bell Gease Journal staff   Heidi Bell Gease at 605-394-8419 or heidi.bellgease@rapidcityjournal.com.


Steve Bakken KFYR – Moderator in Denver Infrastructure Finance Development Summit – KFYR Bakken Energy Service Member

Steve Bakken of KFYR www.kfyr.com host of “What’s on your mind” and “Energy Matters, KFYR is a member of Bakken Energy Service ww.bakkenenergyservice.com . Steve Bakken is   to moderate  “Community Perspectives on How to Keep-up with the Robust Growth” in Denver October 23rd – 25th , 2012 Bakken Infrastructure Finance and Development Summit www.infocastinc.com/bakken . Other Bakken Energy Service also attending as panels are Dwight Enget Bakken Staffing www.bakkenstaffing.com and Tim Fisher www.Taconia.com and co-host of “Energy Matters”.

Bakken Energy Service Steve Bakken KFYR 550 AM Bismarck ND Whats on your mind. Energy Matters

Summit Moderator: Steve Bakken KFYR 550 AM Bismarck ND host of “Whats on your mind?” and Co-Host of “Energy Matters” with Tim Fisher , Panelist and CEO/Founder of Bakken Energy Service

Towns located in the heart of the Bakken Oil Formation are booming with jobs, but many workers can’t find affordable housing because there’s a huge housing shortage. Homeless families with children are struggling to survive in the middle of one of richest oil fields in the world. But homelessness in the Bakken isn’t just affecting people in Northeastern Montana and Western North Dakota. This panel discussion will help you gain an understanding of the Bakken’s current situation and key obstacles and inconveniences the boom has caused for local people, and discover how all the stakeholders in the region are working together to overcome them.

  •  Identifying the housing shortages in North Dakota, America’s fastest-growing state economy.

  •  What strategies are implemented to meet the growing demand for housing?

  •  What are the key services needed to build new homes – water treatment plants, wastewater

  • treatment plants, power plants, roads and others?

  • What is the need for social infrastructure such as schools, hospital expansions, hotels,

  • retail etc.?

Moderator: Steve Bakken, Talk Show Host, “WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND”, “ENERGY MATTERS”  KFYR 550 AM BISMARCK, ND will ask questions of Panelists:

Jill Edson, Planning and Zoning Administration, WILLIAMS COUNTY www.williamsnd.com

Ken Callahan, Energy Services Manager, MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES;  www.montana-dakota.com/

Immediate Past President, WILLISTON AREA BUILDERS ASSOCIATION www.willistonbuilders.com/

Shawn Kessel, City Administrator, CITY OF DICKINSON www.dickinsongov.com/

Andy Peterson, President, GREATER NORTH DAKOTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE www.ndchamber.com/

John Phillips, Development Director, BEULAH NORTH DAKOTA ECONOMIC DEVELOP www.beulahnd.org/