Petroleum products saves many lives

As many protest the use of fossil fuels they often post their distain using their IPhone, Droid or Laptop. Funny thing, without fossilfuels they would have to IPhone, Droid or Laptop. These devices are main made of plastic which is made from petroleum products.

I am typing in this information on my key board which is made of plastic… so… if I do not like fossil fuels then I guess I would need to make my keyboard from wood our stones.

The plastic sheets they put up to keep them out of the rain are made from petroleum products. Most of the  bottom of their Timberland shoes are made of petroleum. Even their North Face jackets are made of petroleum. They will probably be surprised to know that a plastic bottle is made from the same petrochemical as the fiber we call polyester!

All plastic products, many of the materials used to make the clothes youwear, or the carpet you walk on, plus hundreds of the other products we take forgranted, are made from petrochemicals. As the name implies, a main ingredient inpetrochemicals is oil.

So, for all you protesting the use of fossil fuels, youbetter get used to sending smoke signals since your plastic communicationdevices will be no more. Opps, can’t use make signals,   that would pollute the  air.

Petroleum products save lives, if yuo do not believe this, have them administer your next I V in a goat sack connected by cat gut tubing.