Royal Enterprises America Joins Bakken Energy Service BESTeam

Royal Enterprises America Joins Bakken Energy Service BESTeam adding concrete piping , Concrete Culvets and worldclass water treatment solutions to the Upstream and Midstream BESTeam

Established in 1990, Royal Concrete Pipe has served the State of Minnesota and adjoining states with quality pre-cast concrete products for the underground utility industry.

Royal offers a full line of factory installed protective linings, cast-into the new concrete of both manholes and pipes, for sanitary applications to prevent against the attack of hydrogen sulfide gases. Customers can choose from T-Lok (PVC Lining) or GSE (HDPE Lining) for their protective lining needs.

Royal has taken it’s expertise in concrete structure production and developed a full line of storm water treatment structures that are easy to install, easy to maintain, and cost effective, while offering extremely high levels of proven treatment for the removal of TSS, floatables, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, phosphorus and other contaminants found in storm water runoff. These products are listed under the product group Stormwater Treatment & Filtration.

Royal provides a full line of sanitary and storm sewer products: Manholes from 27″ to 144″ diameter, 12″ through 120″ round pipe, 22″ through 88″ arch pipe, 4′ x’ 4′ through 12′ x 12′ box culverts.

Royal Enterprises also offer site specific soil water separation and spill control solutions.  From above or below grade oil water separation to spill control, Royal Enterprises has the solution for the Bakken and Beyond.

Here is a look into some of  Royal Enterprises rapidly growing division of environmental water quality products.