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HESS located in Williston Basin at Tioga ND www.HESS.com, and  Enbridge www.enbridge.com located in the Williston Basin in Minot ND   continue adding to the Oil Boom states   Bakken Energy Service Founder Tim Fisher  www.bakkenenergyservice  .

HESS: Hess discovered oil in North Dakota in 1951, and its presence has since continued to grow. Hess North Dakota operations are in Tioga, Williston, Keene, Fryburg and Newburg. Hess has made significant investments to develop the Bakken shale, and is the largest gas producer and the third-largest oil producer in North Dakota, with over 40,000 BOEPD. Hess also operates the Tioga Gas Plant. In 2010, Hess acquired American Oil & Gas and TRZ Energy, increasing the company’s net acreage in North Dakota by 252,000 acres.

HESS Oil  Tioga Bakken Energy Service North Dakota Williston Basin

HESS Oil , Tioga North Dakota Headquarters located in the Bakken and Williston Basin is visited by Bakken Energy Service.

ENBRIDGE: On April 30, 1949, Interprovincial Pipe Line Company received its charter from the Canadian government, launching a success story that spans generations.

Originally envisioned as a pipeline to carry Leduc crude to refineries in Regina, the scope of their system expanded across the Canadian prairies and into the United States Midwest even before the first shovel went in the ground.

  Enbridge  Bakken Energy Service 120,000 barrel oil tank is similiar to the oil tanks painted by Bakken Energy Service Team member Coating Specialites

A view from inside a 120,000 barrel oil tank similar to the oil tanks painted by Bakken Energy Service Team Member Coating Specialties. Please note worker on top left wall, this gives an idea of the enormity of one of these tanks.

Enbridge  work was pivotal in spurring the growth of Western Canadian oil production. In our first full year of pipeline operations, they  shipped 30.6 million barrels of oil. Today they transport more than two million barrels of oil per day. Through the years, we’ve continued to open new markets for Canadian crude, playing a critical role in developing North American energy infrastructure.

Enbridge gas transportation systems gather and ship billions of cubic feet of natural gas each day. Enbridge Gas Distribution, Canada’s largest natural gas distribution company, delivers more than 400 billion cubic feet of natural gas to nearly two million customers each year.

HESS located in Williston Basin at Tioga ND www.HESS.com, and  Enbridge’s www.enbridge.com Williston Basin in Minot ND.  Both continue adding to expertise in the Bakken and Williston Basin Oil Boom reports   Bakken Energy Service Founder Tim Fisher  www.bakkenenergyservice  .