Venezuela Picking a Fight with USA while Obama Holds up Keystone XL Pipeline

Venezuela Picking a Fight with USA while Obama Holds up Keystone XL Pipeline. In a show of utter arrogance Venezuela  sticks it’s finger in President Obama’s eye.  Apparently the fraudulent election in Venezuela  feels Mr. Obama has a real weakness and he is in their pocket when it comes to crude oil.

Instead of approving the the Keystone XL Pipeline which can replace 100% of the 900,000 barrels per day of dirty, high carbon oil we import from  Venezuela  each day, the Obama administration continues to go against the vast majority of Americans who are in favor of building the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Obama seems to be practicing a hypocritical game.  Obama can not understand how Congress will not pass expanding back ground checks on all firearms sold in the USA  even though it is backed by a majority of the people. Well, here you go Mr. President, approve the Keystone XL Pipeline which is backed by the vast majority of US citizens and walk the walk.

Venezuela  stepped up attacks on the United States, threatening retaliatory measures affecting trade and energy if Washington resorts to sanctions in a row over the country’s disputed presidential election.  Vowing not to go back on the late Hugo Chavez’s revolution, President Nicolas Maduro said at a swearing-in ceremony for his new cabinet, “There will be no pact here of any kind with the bourgeoisie. Make no mistake.

He accused the United States of threatening Venezuela, and spoke with approval of the warning to Washington leveled earlier in the day by Foreign Minister Elias Jaua in Guayaquil, Ecuador. “If the United States takes recourse to economic sanctions, or sanctions of any other kind, we will take measures of a commercial, energy, economic and political order that we consider necessary,” Jaua said in a television interview.

It came after a senior State Department official was quoted as urging Venezuela to recount the votes in the April 14 election to give the public confidence in the result.  The United States has so far withheld recognition of the official election results, which gave Maduro a narrow victory over opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, setting off violent protests that left eight dead.

US Assistant Secretary of State Roberta Jacobson was reported over the weekend to have said that the election council acted too quickly in proclaiming Maduro the winner, and that half of Venezuelans do not have confidence in the result.

Asked if the United States would impose sanctions if Venezuela refused to recount the votes, Jacobson said she could not say one way or another, according to CNN en Espanol.

The United States imports some 900,000 barrels of oil a day from Venezuela, which produces between 2.3 million and three million barrels a day. Venezuela, which depends on oil sales for 90 percent of its revenues, sits atop the world’s largest proven crude oil reserves.

Please Mr. President, listen to the majority of the US people who want the Keystone XL Pipeline built. Please Mr. President, stop the importing of filthy Venezuelan oil who’s government is in disarray and a communist government who hates the USA.