Williston Basin Petroleum Conference Returns To Bismarck North Dakota States Tim Fisher Bakken Energy Service

“Williston Basin Petroleum Conference returns to Bismarck, North Dakota in 2014 after traveling to Regina Saskatchewan Canada  in 2013.   Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenergyservice.com was a 2012 WBPC exhibitor and on their way to the 2013 WBPC show.

The Williston Basin Petroleum Conference www.wbpc.ca will return to Bismarck-Mandan www.bismarck.org , May 20-22, 2014.  The 2012 conference was a huge success and the City of Bismarck, Bismarck-Mandan Convention & Visitors Bureau www.discoverbismarckmandan.com , and North Dakota Petroleum Council are pleased to announce their return.

“I am delighted with the news that the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference www.wbpcnd.org will return in 2014 and excited that we’ll have the ability to host future conferences of this size.  We have a bold vision – an Exhibit Hall expansion that preserves our existing investment and current business, and a Task Force to look to the future,” said Bismarck Mayor John Warford.  “It’s vitally important that we retain our current business, build upon our assets, and maintain the economic drivers of our community. We want to keep Bismarck an exciting destination and locale that continues to attract visitors to our City.”

The 2012 Conference wrapped up with a record-breaking attendance of 4,051 people, breaking the record set in 2010 by nearly 1,300 people.   Of the 4,051 attendees, 653 were from Bismarck-Mandan .   Attendees represented 47 states, seven provinces, and nine countries.   The Convention & Visitors Bureau estimates delegates spent over $1.9M in 2012. Some of the attendees stayed outside of Bismarck-Mandan https://www.bismarckmandan.com .  With the addition of several new hotels the 2014 attendees should find accommodations within Bismarck-Mandan, resulting in a greater financial impact on Bismarck-Mandan.Ron.Ness.NDOIL.Bakken.Energy.Service.WBPC

Ron Ness, North Dakota Petroleum Council President www.ndoil.org stated, “We are pleased to announce our return to Bismarck-Mandan for the 2014 Conference.   The 2012 Conference was a huge success and we hope to bring 4000 attendees back here, again.”  Ness added, “Bismarck is a great location and we received many positive comments from our attendees.   We had an overwhelming amount of interest from exhibitors and our exhibit space sold out within 17 minutes in 2012.

You can visit Bakken Energy Service in Regina Saskatchewan this April 30th , May 1st and May 2nd 2013.  info@bakkenenergyservice.com 320.760.5014