WBPCND.COM Williston Basin Petroleum Conference 2012 North Dakota is where Bakken Energy Service will be May 22nd – 24th

www.WBPCND.com or www.wbpcnd.org  The 20th Annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference 2012 in  Bismarck North Dakota is where the action will be for  the Bakken and Williston Basin Oil Patch. This is where you will  find Bakken Energy Service www.bakkenenergyservice.com located in booths 163 and 164 on May 22nd – 24th 2012 .

The Conference Hosts  will be  Lynn Helms, ND Dept. of Mineral www.dmr.nd.gov ;    Melinda Yurkowski, Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy & Resources www.er.gov.sk.ca ; and Ron Ness, North Dakota Petroleum Council www.ndoil.org . The crowd is expected to be between 3000 to 3500 attendees entering the exhibit hall not to mention the nearly 1000 exhibitor personal and support people who will be working the booths sharing new products, programs and idea.

Besides the ability to meet and greet fellow oil and gas industry companies and personnel, there will be plenty to eat. Each morning is started off with a warm breakfast  and in the evenings special social gatherings will be underway. Halliburton www.halliburton.com will be sponsoring an Ice Breaker BBQ the evening of May  22nd and the ND Oil PAC will also have a social gathering the evening of May 23rd.

So mark your calendar, get registered if you have not already, and attend the 20th Annual www.WBPCND.com or www.wbpcnd.org Williston Basin Petroleum Conference 2012 in Bismarck, North Dakota. If you are serious about the oil and gas industry ,  Bismark is where  the action will be.  There are several volunteer programs available for those of us serving the  Bakken , Williston Basin and Sanish Formations. Stop by booth numbers 163 and 164 on May 22nd – 24th 2012 and say hello to the  BESTeam, the Bakken Energy Service Team. www.bakkenenergyservice.com .

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